Teen Chefs – Ages 12-17

Get your teens into the kitchen and give them skills for life! Teen classes build skills, confidence and expose a developing palate to more grown up tastes and flavors. Mastering basic techniques will foster independence and creativity at home and in their own future kitchens.

Young Chefs – Ages 9-11

Children are not too young to learn their way around the kitchen and start preparing recipes with independence and skill. Fun cooking classes are a great way to introduce basic cooking and baking techniques, kitchen safety, proper food handling, and presentation. Children will gain familiarity with ingredients as they build a repertoire of tasty recipes they can make at home!

Little Chefs – Ages 4-6

Young children love to create and experiment….especially in the kitchen! A “Little Chefs” class will get provide an introduction to cooking and valuable basic skills such as: kitchen safety, intro to knife skills, table setting, measurements and more! Learning how to follow a recipe and how to taste will boost their confidence as they explore new flavors.